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My Niche Profit Full Control Bonus. Giving Away $1,078,114.76 Campaign

Here are my Bonuses for you when you enroll in Niche Profit Full Control through our link.

Hey Guys,

My name is Pyong Kim. I’m a full-time affiliate marketer for 10 years. I’ve generated over $100 Million in sales over the years well as helped hundreds of affiliates make solid income online.

I have created this video just for those people who are interested in buying Adam and Bobby’s new program called Niche Profit Full Control. Now, if you haven’t heard of it, check out their launch videos from links above.
If you are ready to make a purchase. I’m going to offer you my awesome bonuses. I rarely do this, but Adam and Bobby are great friends of mine. We all live in Las Vegas and attend various events together. I’m doing this to support my great friends. That’s what you are supposed to do.

So here are My Bonuses…

Bonus #1 – Click the images for closer look. $1,078,114.76 Campaign.

$1M Campaign

I’m going to reveal my niche profit website that I’ve generated over $1M in commission, and I’m still promoting it. You get to see exactly how I promote this offer, where I promote it, and any helpful tips so you could also promote it as well. It’s a long-term offer. It’ not going anywhere. It’s tougher to get set up but once you understand how lucrative this offer is, you will want to put in the effort to set up your campaign as soon as possible!

Bonus #2 – Click the images for closer look. $1K/day campaign.

Niche Profit Full Control

Niche Profit Full Control Bonus #2ac

This is available for first 10 people. I’m going to reveal my $1K/day campaign. I’m only limiting this to 10 people, so it doesn’t get too saturated where no-one is making decent money. You get everything from the offer, my ads, and traffic sources. You get to see exactly how I’m making $1K/day.

Bonus #3 -$1,000 Commission Guarantee

I’m going to randomly pick out 5 people from my buyers list. I don’t have a lot of time. So I can only limit this to 5 people. I’m going to help each of the 5 buyers to making your very first $1,000 commission online. I usually get paid $25 – $50K from Fortune 500/5000 companies for my consultation. I will personally guarantee to help you make that $1K. But here’s the catch, you have to do the work, and I will only allow 60 days from time of the sales cart closing of November 16th. So come around January 16th, that is the deadline to meet my part of the bargain, well as your end of the deal to do the work and keep making progress. I hope to help you make more than $1K, but that would be our goal, and this bonus will be available for 5 people from my buyers list.

I will add additional bonuses here shortly.

Check back soon!

Please do check out the Niche Profit Full Control program if you haven’t. I know Adam and Bobby have spent hours and months putting together this awesome program to serve you.

After the launch is over, they will email me a list of my buyers. Then after the 30 days refund period is over, I will be in touch to deliver my bonuses to you :).

If you have any questions about my bonuses: you can contact me through Facebook

Click Here To Join Niche Profit Full Control Program

Niche Profit Full Controlac

Bonus Terms:

You must use my affiliate link on this page to purchase Niche Profit Full Control program and forward your email receipt to me at (nicheprofitbonus@gmail.com) to qualify for the bonus package. If you have bought the program already but want to take advantage of my bonuses? Please email: Bobby Mclees: robert.mclees@nicheprofitclassroom.com – Provider your name and order name, then ask to move your sale to my affiliate account.


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